Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Today I finished crocheting #4 (of 4) boy scarves. Yay! Now I have 4 boy hats, 6 girl scarves & 6 hats, some "baby legs" all to crochet and a blanket to finish before Christmas! Better get a move on... They're all pretty easy, I just need to do them. :-) I'm pretty proud of myself wanting to make gifts this year. Last year, we made tie blankets. Not much to them but everyone loved them.

I got most of the sewing done today, too. A button back on, a 2 holes repaired (shirt & tights), a strap put back on, a little girl's costume stitched so it doesn't fall off of her shoulders and I started on my pants and got them figured out. It's a pair of early maternity pants (yes,... even after 3 mo I still wear maternity clothing...). The elastic broke inside the waist band, so I cut the waist band and sewed the elastic back together. It should be pretty sturdy now. I just need to sew it up and call it good. It won't be pretty, but no one sees that part of my pants anyway... it'll be one more pair that I can wear. Yay! :-)

I'm getting a "creating" bug. I have so many patterns saved in my inbox and printed and a ton of ideas in my head to create and start my business. Not a big business, just something to pay for entertainment. Fun money. My list of items keeps getting longer, and it's such a variety of things. It's exciting and a little overwhelming. I'm thrilled that I'll be able to potentially sell something that I can create. :::Why didn't I think of this before?::: I also have a list in my head of things I want to sew for the kids, and possibly myself, to wear. Simple things, as I'm *not* a seamstress by any stretch. lol

It'll all be started after the new year. I'm going to focus on Christmas gifts & the holidays for now but I'm definitely looking forward to it all. :-) I guess I know what my New Year's Resolutions will be!